Work Packages

RiverBoat (WP 1)

User-friendly remote-controlled and autonomously operating boat which monitors the characteristics of small and medium-sized watercourses: images and data are recorded simultaneously both below and above water. With the built-in autopilot, measurement runs along previously recorded routes can readily be repeated.

RiverDetect (WP 2)

Adaptation of available sensors for water quality monitoring: the automated and continuous collection of a multitude of water quality parameters is ensured by a set of permanently installed sensors which can be complemented by additional modular sensors according to the specific requirements. Water depth profiles can be determined by lowering the multi parameter probe into the water using a trailer. Interfaces are designed in such a way that additional sensors can be added on a modular basis, if required. Real-time data transmission enables the user to immediately view the recorded data at the control panel.

RiverScan (WP 3)

Objective recording of the water environment including the surrounding vegetation and water engineering structures based on a mobile surface mapping system for (semi)automatic image analysis and measurement: with its panoramic camera unit, RiverBoat provides comprehensive spatial recordings with high temporal resolution. In combination with the sonar sensors, geometric structures below and above water are mapped along the course of the river. The data management feature RiverAdmin stores information on the time of the measurements, the navigation route and other water parameters for all recordings.

RiverAdmin (WP 4)

The developed geo-database management system is intended for the management, validation, processing, provision and coordination of the generated image, sensor and navigation data. The tool facilitates the central management of the heterogeneous data and offers simultaneous access for professional and other interested users, in compliance with the open data concept.

RiverWorks (WP 5)

Target-group specific knowledge transfer: the web portal and the RiverApp complement the geo-database management system and allow access to the data for various users, e.g. from the water industry and the interested public.