The joint research project is based on five pillars

Schaubild Arbeitspakete Riverview
  • a modular, remote-controlled measuring catamaran (RiverBoat) as carrier for
  • sensors for hydromorphological, physical and chemical measurements (RiverDetect)
  • an optical unit for 360° surface photography and a 360° sonar unit for underwater recordings
  • The extensive georeferenced data is imported into a GIS-based water data management system (RiverAdmin) and further processed.
  • "RiverWorks" delivers the processed data by various means (RiverApp, RiverWebsite, data interfaces) to water managers and the interested public.

RiverView® allows the synoptic longitudinal monitoring of water bodies and the linking of monitoring data. The system is not only suitable for routine monitoring, but can also be implemented for data acquisition during and after floods and for the analysis of water pollution, for example after pollutant inputs, accidents or other incidents.

The project is implemented in the administrative areas of two special water associations in North Rhine-Westphalia (Water Association Eifel-Rur and Emschergenossenschaft / Lippeverband) and covers sections of the rivers Rur, Inde, Wurm, Lippe, Emscher, and their respective tributaries. The RiverApp is designed to give students an insight into water management practice, directly implementing project outcomes into the lectures at scientific institutions.

RiverView® can be operated in a variety of settings, including small to large water bodies, coastal waters, lakes and canals, and thus ensuring the transferability of the project to other regions and watercourses. If required, RiverView® can also be mounted on larger carrier units, enabling its use in waters in which the remote-controlled measuring catamaran cannot be used.

The project is part of the BMBF-funded project “Sustainable Water Management” (NAWAM) within the program “Regional Water Resources Management for Sustainable Protection of Waters in Germany” (ReWaM) and is coordinated by the project management organization Juelich.

Duration: 01.06.2015 – 31.05.2018
Funding reference number: 033W022A